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Dynahead (DX) Technology

FUJI has revolutionized high-mix quick-changeover and NPI production. The heart of this revolution is the FUJI Dynahead (DX), a proprietary technology that allows each robot on the placer to automatically change between 12-nozzle, 4-nozzle and single nozzle rotary heads on-the-fly. On-the-fly changeover takes moments and transforms the DX placement robot from a 27,000 cph 01005 chip shooter to a midrange 4-nozzle head to a single-nozzle fine-pitch placer or odd-form gripper capable of placing parts up to 74 x 74mm and 1 inch high.

AIMEX Productivity Tools

FUJI provides a variety of tools to make high-mix and NPI production efficient and less operator dependent. Included in these tools are:
Auto Backup Pin Placement reduces set-up time and improves quality
Auto-Job Changeover reduces set-up time and reduces errors
Multi-Job Optimization saves production time and reduces changeover time
NPI Mode reduces new layout time-to-production by up to 90%

Auto Loading Feeder

The auto loading feeder enables an operator to automatically load a feeder without losing parts. A second reel can be pre-loaded, which reduces stoppages and increases productivity.

Electrical Value Check (LCR)

The FUJI LCR check unit measures the electrical value of the first component in each reel which adds protection from reels that are miss-labeled or separated from their original identifier.

s|tower Component Storage and Retreival

The FUJI s|tower automatically stores and retrieves components in reels and trays. Parts are retrieved in order of feeder loading to speed changeover and minimize labor.
  • Holds up to 1,300 SMD reels
  • Controlled MSD storage
  • Access time within 5 to 10 seconds
  • Modularly expandable

Bulk Feeder Head

The bulk feeder head allows maximum throughput by allowing the head to continually place parts without having to move to a feeder location. The parts are stored within the interchangeable bulk carrier units. The feeder head automatically switches between bulk carrier units as needed.

Nozzle Cleaner II

The Nozzle Cleaner powerfully cleans the inside and sliding sections of nozzles.

Automated Feeder Maintenance

The Fuji Auto Feeder Maintenance Unit provides feeder maintenance and inspection in just 4 minutes! It automatically:
  • Removes old grease and debris
  • Applies new grease
  • Measures and confirms proper indexing
  • Reads the ID of the feeder and registers the maintenance history

Auto Reel Unloader

The Auto Reel Unloader is a power unit that connects to tape feeder carts and pallets, applies power, and signals tape feeders to unload. This automatic solution reduces unloading time by 90% and speeds changeovers.

Rotary Flux Dip Unit for Part on Part Placement (PoP)

The rotary Flux Dip Unit is available on all SMT placers allowing PoP placement. The Flux Dip Unit automatically levels and replenishes the flux material. Up to four parts can be processed at a time. It requires no special fixtures or plates.

Auto Splicing Unit

The Auto Splicing Unit reduces splice time from approximately 45 seconds to 5 seconds and can be performed by anyone, not just an experienced operator. The system reduces stoppages and is designed to make sure the correct reel will be spliced, reducing errors.