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Suppliers of World-Class Surface Mount Assembly, Inspection & Test Equipment

For over 35 years EKRA has provided affordable, high-end screen and stencil printing systems used in SMT, hybrid, thick-film and advanced packaging. The SERIO 4000 is a scalable SMT printer with no compromise in flexibility and performance. SERIO utilizes Simplex, a user-friendly 'touch' GUI, which allows new programs to be made in less than 1 minute.
Pemtron provides low cost, high speed, in-line and stand alone 3D solder paste inspection systems. Pemtron systems use state-of-the-art Moiré imaging technology to measure volume, height, dimensions and bridging. A combination of 2D and 3D LED Lighting eliminates shadows. The patented color enhancing algorithm detects full height range from 0 to 450um. Programs can be created in less than 30 minutes.
FUJI is the world leader in placement systems offering a complete line of high-mix and high-speed systems with unparalleled performance and reliability.

The AIMEX platform offers a high feeder count in an 'All-in-One' flexible system for all types of production. Featuring DynaHead, it makes dynamic head exchange possible by allowing the machine to select from a 12 nozzle revolver tool, a four nozzle midrange tool and a single nozzle flexible placement tool during the product run.

The NXT III platform offers high productivity in a multi-functional modular placing system. Built for speed, it features a faster XY robot and tape feeders, as well as a new H24 head that achieves 35,000 chips per hour per module. The NXT III supports the smallest parts being used in mass production with extreme placing accuracy.
Reflow Ovens • Curing Ovens • Vertical Curing Ovens
Heller Industries, the recognized World Leader in Oven Technology, supplies solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers worldwide. Products include Reflow Ovens and Curing Ovens.

SmartFAB automates the placement of "everything else" including cut, form, place and clinch of axial and radial parts; odd-shaped parts; stacked parts; parts from bins; automated fastening of screws; and can hold parts on the top while selectively soldering them from below.

Automation Tools
FUJI has developed automated tools to reduce changeover time and help eliminate labor and speed maintenance related to component placement equipment. Products include:
Auto Feeder Maintenance
Smart Nozzle Cleaner
Auto Nozzle Cleaner II
Auto Head Cleaner
Auto Splicing Unit

FUJI Screen Printers
GPX—C is a cost effective high precision screen printer with a user-friendly GUI interface which compliments the AIMEX placement platform. The NXTP is an extremely compact high tech printer optimized for use with the NXT placement platform.

FUJI SMD Storage Towers
The FUJI SMD Tower boosts production efficiency with fast storage and retrieval of components. It records all stock movements and eliminates mix-ups of components It provides a controlled environment and floor life monitoring for MSD components. The flexible, compact, high-capacity storage units can be placed next to production lines.
Heller Industries, the recognized World Leader in Oven Technology, supplies solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers worldwide. Products include Reflow Ovens and Curing Ovens. Specialized applications include Formic Acid Sintering for fluxes soldering and Vacuum Reflow for void free connections.
KIC Thermal provides hardware and software tools that help define, measure, monitor, and improve thermal processes for electronics manufacturing services. This reduces downtime, can decrease electrical expenses, and reduce your labor costs, and improve manufacturing quality and productivity.
YESTech offers a wide range of versatile 2D and 3D AOI systems. Systems are optimized for SMT assembly inspection; Microelectronics including bond wires, die placement, and substrates; and Conformal Coat inspection – coverage and non-coverage. In-line, compact, and stand-alone systems are available.
DAGE's award winning X-ray systems have been specifically designed for Printed PCB and semi industries in failure analysis and production environments. The unique Dage NT sealed-transmissive X-ray tube supersedes and out-performs the closed and open tube types available in other systems. Optional Computerized Tomography (CT) functionality uses sub-micron feature recognition 2D X-ray images to provide 3D sample analysis, virtual micro-sectioning and internal dimensional measurements.
MatriX Technologies provides advanced Automated X-Ray Inspection solutions (AXI) for all tasks of high-level industrial X-ray inspections, including High-speed In-line systems and 3D-AXI. Systems are ideal for the inspection of solder joint applications, including bottom terminated components such as: BGA components, Package-On-Package, Pin-in-Paste and connectors.
Asymtek supplies automated fluid dispensing systems for semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board assembly, flat panel display assembly, electronic component assembly, medical/biotech product assembly, and other precision assembly processes.
ASYS is a global technology company and a leading supplier of equipment for the electronic industry specializing in standard and custom solutions for handling, marking, panel separation, clean room products/design, and printers.

VEGO Handling
Handling products include Transport Conveyors, Loaders, Unloaders, Buffers, Flip & Turn Systems. The Compact series has an excellent price/performance ratio and covers most needs utilizing tried and tested ASYS technology with high quality and simple operation. The Dynamic series meets the highest demands, has the most flexibility and offers custom solutions.

INSIGNUM Marking and Reading
Marking includes CO2 and Fiber Laser systems, integrated paper label print and placement systems, and reading systems.

DIVISIO De-paneling
ASYS offers de-paneling for FR4, aluminum and composite materials and include routing, sawing and laser systems in in-line and stand alone configurations.

ASYS Cleanroom Solutions
Cleanroom solutions include standard dry storage cabinets, laminar flow work stations, and automated dynamic storage solutions as well as custom designed systems.

Screen and stencil printers for electronics. See above.
Pillarhouse provides Selective Soldering Systems configured to meet all manufacturing and prototype requirements from single stand alone machines to custom-configured in-line mass production systems. The PillarGen Nitrogen Generation System has been specifically designed to meet the Nitrogen supply requirements of selective solder systems.
Aqua Klean designs and manufactures the Typhoon series of in-line water cleaners and closed-loop water recycling systems for the Electronic and Semiconductor Industries. In addition, AKS remanufactures used wave solder and water cleaning systems that are sold at less than 50% the cost of new and include installation and warranties.
Aegis Factory Logix is an integrated suite of software modules that transforms CAD and BOM data into an intelligent model that produces machine programs, work instructions, paperless documentation, WIP tracking, quality data collection and reporting, and traceability. Aegis integrates easily into ERP systems.
Takaya invented the flying probe in 1984. These testers utilize high speed moving probes, making it easy to access test points, vias, component pads and fine pitch parts. Since conventional bed-of-nails aren't required and initial test program creation from CAD is quick and easy, total development time is measured in hours, not days. Flying probe is ideally suited for high board mix prototype applications as well as low and medium volume production runs.
Artos Engineering is a leading name in the wire processing world providing a complete line of automatic wire processing systems, bench-top machines and accessories that perform cutting, stripping, crimping, and marking.